“It is wonderful to still be connected with Taylors Falls School! There were many staff members who were great mentors: Mrs. Dahl (Grade 5), Mrs. Anderson (Grade 4), Mrs. Boleman (Grade 3), Mr. Moberg (Math), Mr. Gredling (Library), Mrs. Cedergren (Typing).

Life was simpler back in the 50s and 60s and school at Taylors Falls was an important part of life away from the farm.

I continued friendships with Petra Dahl and Ruth Cedergren for many years until they passed away.

I know Duane Olson’s children went to Westwood Elementary in St. Cloud, where I was a classroom teacher for many years and now continue as a volunteer.”
Charles Cedergren , Class of 1966

“I, Heather Vogel, would like to extend a huge thank you to the Taylors Falls Alumni. It’s an honor to accept this generous scholarship. Awards night was an amazing and exciting evening. When my name was called for this gracious scholarship, I just couldn’t believe it. This scholarship meant so much to me. I will always have a special place in my heart and fond memories of going to Taylors Falls Elementary School. When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to go to school. I love school and enjoy learning. My favorite hobby is reading. The thicker the book and reading more than one book at a time is fun and rewarding to me. I love to be challenged, set goals, and I’m not afraid to work very hard. What Taylors Falls has instilled in me is who I am today and will be in the future. I will be able to go out into this world to make a difference and to give back what you gave to me. Thank you!
The college that I chose is Saint Scholastica. The college is a private college in Duluth, Minnesota. I am working towards a Ph.D. in Psychology. Your generous donation will go towards educating me in this field of work. I can’t wait to help others and make this a better world. The college reminds me of Taylors Falls School. They both are surrounded by beautiful scenic woods, are located on top of the hill, the buildings have character, and the size of the community is perfect to received one-on-one attention. The atmosphere is calming, peaceful, and just a happy place to be.
At awards night, I would like to personally thank the gentleman who presented me with this special scholarship. It was so kind of you to go out of your way to hand me this generous award. Thank you.
I feel very blessed and honored to receive this scholarship. I think it is truly special that you have made Taylors Falls School an Alumni Association. The memories you must have when this school enrolled grades kindergarten through 12th grade. The history that was made in the past and now in the present, grades kindergarten through 5th grade. My own memories of kindergarten through 5th grade will always be cherished. I will always spread the history about this awesome school and tell this world what you have done for me. You have made a mark on this world, an imprint that will be treasured for all time. In turn, I will make you proud of who I will become, to make a difference, to never forget, to always carry with me Taylors Falls School and Taylors Falls Alumni Association.
Thank you with all my heart!!!”
Heather Vogel , Chisago Lakes Class of 2008

“The Taylors Falls School was like extended family. We knew older brothers and little sisters – we knew the teachers and they knew us. Which, for me, connected us in a different way to our education, learning and community. The best part is that special chemistry of caring has become institutional knowledge and is still there being passed on to my kids – and that is awesome!”
Wade Vitalis , Class of 1980

“During the years 1931 to 1936, I especially recall the wonderful dedication of Superintendent Anton Hillesland. He went the extra mile in giving students the benefit of his experience and knowledge in the classroom and band direction. He and the staff of the other teachers were held in high esteem during this period.”
Alton E. Berg , Class of 1935

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