2010 Alumni Awards

2010 Alumni Awards

Outstanding Graduate Award was given to Lowell B. Nelson (Class of 1939)

Lowell Nelson was born in an apartment on the second floor of the Agrell building. He attended Taylors Falls public schools, graduating in May 1939. He graduated from the University of MN in March of 1943. He then entered the U.S. Army as a Second Lieutenant where he served in the Pacific and Japan. He was discharged in 1946 with the rank of Captain and remained in the reserves until the early 50’s. Lowell had a number of different positions management for Cargill and Kerrgill Limited which took him to various locations abroad. In 1961 he was elected President of the American International Club and in 1974 received the Key to the City of Ghent, Belgium. In 1974 he accepted the position of CEO of C. Tennant & Sons, a multinational trading and operating corporation in New York. He retired from Tennant in 1979 and held directorships with private companies and worked as a consultant group leader for an international consulting firm in Washington D.C.

Lowell feels that his experiences as a student at the Taylors Falls High School prepared him to set high goals and work to achieve them. Although Taylors Falls High School provided fewer opportunities due to it’s small size, the teachers encouraged participation and achieving the maximum. Being able to be a participant rather than a spectator was a key experience than influenced my life. Because of our small classes, each student had an opportunity to be involved in some way in our senior class play, Ibsen’s “Pillors of Society”. The oratorical group prepared the students for public speaking. The basketball team had to draw on all students because of the small candidate pool. All gave us leadership opportunities. The band and glee club stimulated our interest and curiosity in music. All this, including the encouragement of the teachers to be a voracious reader, helped in survival as the competition intensified throughout my adult life. Taylor Falls High School enabled me to participate and be exposed to the rough and ready competition of the 20th century world. I am forever appreciative of the teachers interest and encouragement.

Outstanding Staff/Faculty Award was given to Carlyle Klinke (Class of 1946)

Carlyle Klinke was born in 1928 in the Taylors Falls Hospital when it was located in a house on River Street. He started attending school in 1934 a the local country school house, graduating in 1946. He lived and worked on the family arm for most of his life. Carlyle married Beatrice (a widow with two small children) in 1955 after she moved to work as a housekeeper for him and his father, after Carlyle’s mother passed away. Carlyle and Beatrice moved off the farm in 1994 to a new house built just west of the farm. He still helps on the farm, which has been in the Klinke family since 1875. Carlyle has always had a strong sense of community and has been honored to be in service to the Taylors Falls area for over 50 years, often serving on numerous boards and committees during the same time period.

Carlyle began his volunteer service in the late 1950’s as an elected member of the First Lutheran Church Board. This service has continued well into 2000’s. As an adult member of the Club of the Dalles 4-H group Carlyle and Beatice served many Taylors Falls school age children (ages 9 to 19) and their families. They belonged from 1960 through 1975, holding the role of Club Leaders 11 of those 15 years. Carlyle served on the Chisago County Farm Service for 11 years and belonged to the Chisago County Pork Producers for 20 years, acting as Chairman for many of those years.

From 1966 to 1975, Carlyle was elected to the Taylors Falls School Board. He held the position of Chairman for 8 of those 9 years. During his term, the Board notably voted to build the Kindergarten addition to the school and worked on some controversial teacher negotiations.

Carlyle is currently finishing his 20th year as Supervisor of the Shafer Township Board, has served as President of the Kahbakong Cemetery Board from 1991 to present, and is a leading member of the Taylors Falls Loins Club, known for their dedication and commitment of giving back to the local community.
His enthusiasm for community service and involvement remains as strong today as it was when he was first elected to the First Lutheran Church Board 5over 50 years ago.

Outstanding Citizen Award was given to Robert C. Muller (Class of 1937)

Bob lived in Taylors Falls his whole life.  He served in the Navy during World War II.  He was a Boy Scout Leader, a Mason, a Boat Captain and a well loved and respected business and community leader for over 70 years.  His love for the St Croix River Valley lives on in his heirs.

Accepting on Robert Muller’s behalf was his daughter, Cam Muller Raedke

Extra Curricular Award for the Years 1915-1952 was given to Donald L. Bartley (Class of 1947)

This town of diverse and loving people has supported their children in so many ways, it is only fair to ask what have these children done in return. Whether new to town, or 3 generational students the same skilled teachers, families, shops, newspapers, churches, and neighbors surrounded us and opened that world knowing it would be ever changing and trusting that we would be equipped to hold up our responsibilities to make sure there would be that kind of support for those who come after.

Extra curricular activities are a part of that strength and I am pleased to have the opportunity to look up and follow my trail to share with you. I view them as the preparation for the world at large, but know that it builds upon generations of hearts of it’s more like a list of preparation for the world at large, but that’s where it starts sharing the love of the Lord. So here is my High school extra curricular list: President, FHA, FHA Music Leader, Pep Club, Class Play, 1 Act Play, Girls State, Student Council, Student Council Treasurer, Chorus, Music Solo, Trio, Bluejarian, Bluejarian Editor, Taylors Falls Methodist Church Youth Fellowship and Choir.